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Owners of Disney Villas and Florida Holiday Homes

Florida top villas offer a wide selection of stunning Vacation Villas in Orlando Florida on communities close to Disney World and Universal Studios. If you own a villa in Florida and would like to list your home for free then please read the terms below and get in touch.

Terms and Conditions for adding your Villa to

Before you list a villa for FREE on, please read and accept our Terms and Conditions:

  • 1. You agree to the booking terms and conditions set out by
  • 2. When we receive an enquiry we will contact you to check availability.
  • 3. Please make sure that the price you have set includes our 10% commission and also Includes Tax.
  • 4. Once Floridatopvillas receives the booking deposit, we will confirm the booking details with you.
  • 5. You agree to keep your villa available calendar up to date at all times.
  • 6. You agree to keep your villa available for the period of the booking
  • 7. The sites booking procedure requires the customer to pay a £200 / $300 or 20% (whichever is the greatest) deposit to secure the booking.
  • 8. The villa owner agrees that 10% commission of the total booking will be taken by Floridatopvillas from the deposit amount
  • 9. Floridatopvillas is responsible to collect the final balance plus security deposit.
  • 10. Floridatopvillas is responsible for returning security deposit. The security deposit should be returned within 21 days of the guests departure.
  • 11. Floridatopvillas reserves the right to remove any listing found to contain false information.
  • 12. Floridatopvillas reserves the right to remove any listing where complaints have been received regarding the maintenance/condition of the home.
  • 13. Warrant and accept that the information with regard to the property listed is accurate.
  • 14. Where the booking is taken within 8 weeks of travel the booking will be paid in full to Floridatopvillas.
  • 15. Once the money is received by Floridatopvillas, we will deduct 10% commission (plus Paypal charges for online credit/debit card payments)
  • 16. Floridatopvillas agrees to pay the owner within 14 days of receiving payment from the guest.
  • 17. You agree to forward villa information pack i.e. entry details, management company contact details to Floridatopvillas to complete your booking.
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